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Even though it may seem like it sometimes, there are not as many loan options as there are borrowers! We can help you select the loan program that will fit your situation the best. There are several questions to ask yourself as you review your options.
Refinancing Options

Beacon Financial Resource Group

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Beacon Financial Resource Group, Inc. is a licensed Florida mortgage broker located in Miami-Dade County. We are family-owned and offer a hands-on approach to serving your residential and commercial mortgage financing needs. With over 28 years of lending experience, we have built a business on the premise that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. 

We take a personal interest in every loan and in our customers. That may help account for the fact that the majority of our mortgage business comes from past customers and their referrals!

Beacon Financial specializes in providing mortgage financing and related services. Our highly-trained professionals  are leaders in their field who will design a loan to suit your unique needs. We can expertly answer your mortgage questions and the benefits of specific program options. 

We stay on top of current market trends and have developed affiliations with numerous national and local mortgage banking institutions.  These relationships allow us to offer the most innovative loan programs available at the lowest rates possible

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